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GAP Introduction

By establishing GAP (Gesellschaft für angewandte Prozesslenkung / Society for applied process control) in 2000, Schumacher's core segment of tool production was enhanced by providing consulting services to other producers and research institutions. This segment goes hand in hand with various associations and service providers affiliated to GAP's activities. Supported by German industry association VDMA in Frankfurt and the employer association Remscheid (AGV Remscheid), various banking institutions and a Münster-based software company, GAP has been able to contribute to defining future requirements in intelligent production and logistics systems of SME. Significant deficits still found in many SME when it comes to the cross-sector processing of data have convinced us to provide Schumacher's and GAP's experience in developing industrial CIM strategies as a service to other companies.

The main activities of Schumacher Precision Tools and GAP in the field of Management Tools focus on:

Segment Process Analysis

  • Order Processing - CAP/PPS
  • Optimized Set-Up Times
  • Data Management
  • CIM in SME

Segment Cost Centre and Financial Maangement

  • Cost Centre Accounting
  • Profitability analysis acc. to product groups

Break Even Analysis

  • Direct cost analysis / full cost analysis
  • Cash Management

Segment Construction

  • Databank-based parametrization
  • Variants construction
  • Simulation – Rapid Prototyping

Segment Machine Control

  • Databank-based parametrization – Makros
  • Condition Control
  • Tool wear analysis – neutronal networks

Our key expectation for any system developed by Schumacher and GAP is high practice-relevance for utilization in industrial SME. Any of our joint development activities were supported by the framework conditions present at the tool producer Schumacher Precision Tools as a testing field and source of ideas.


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