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Project ToolProduction

Schumacher Precision Tools has been developing and producing cutting tools – with a special focus on the metal-working industries – for more than 90 years. As part of our R+D activities, the division Schumacher Management Tools has been developing software systems for optimized process control in tool production for more than two decades.

Drawing upon the groundwork established through the engineering/design systems ToolDesign and ToolSimulation, Schumacher/GAP intends to broaden the range with ToolProduction. This new concept is supposed to provide a system for digitally connected process control in the production of rotation-symmetric precision tools.


  • Defining the product as 3D-model in ToolDesign
  • Selecting the corresponding work plan for the respective product from the building set / tool box
  • Attributing the product parameters to the machines in the work plan
  • Calculating the tooling times through algorithms by drawing upon product parameters – possibly including exponential functions (new)
  • Setting up the work-flow of SPT production including any available machines with their respective capacity (new)
  • Defining the load, processing and utilization rules of the production – moreover, set-up criteria, priority rules and further procedures will be defined (new)
  • Charging the SPT production model with the entire set of ongoing production orders according to the rules established above (new)
  • Setting up a network plan – earliest / latest starting time and accordingly earliest / latest ending time (new)
  • Visualizing the entire model – detailed planning for the upcoming 10 days / rough planning for the upcoming 20 weeks. (new)
  • Scientific development of cost optimization procedure through DP-based process control without impacting production schedule (new)
  • Simulation of production orders in enquiry / quotation state – particulary interesting in gross margin analysis of high volume orders – integration of i-price module.
  • Displaying due dates / production cost (partial costs / full costs) / criteria for utilization (new)
  • Module-based set-up of ToolProduction for flexible modifications tailored to other industry branches

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