Industry 4.0 - Project ToolProduction

The advanced requirements coming along with the German federal government's initiative 'Industry 4.0’ are fundamentally changing the framework of the manufacturing industry. At Schumacher, 'Industry 4.0' is driving the development of our current CIM-Strategy. This fourth industrial revolution basically consists of cyber-physical systems which ensure the interface between real objects and virtual manufacturing control. The products to be manufactured are supposed to control a major part of the production processes by themselves. Previous CIM strategies assumed a central control over these processes. The objective of the new Schumacher project is the development of a comprehensive system for process control in the production of rotation-symmetric precision tools. Based on the project ToolProduction (TP) we will digitally describe the entire process chain of a precision tool producer from order processing to geometry design, simulation, production, quality management and controlling. Moreover, stock and distribution management will be included. The core components of TP are made up of ToolDesign and ToolSimulation. When further developing ToolProduction, we focus on a CIM concept developed in the 1980s which was implemented at SCHUMACHER production more than 20 years ago with the support of Aachen Technological University. Based upon this central process control of CIM, ToolProduction is supposed to put into practice the concept Industry 4.0 for tool producers with digital, decentralized process control of the entire company set-up.

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